uPVC Door Maintenance and repair

Modern uPVC doors are low maintenance and offer good security.

Heritage Locksmiths in Woking offers a full service programme for all uPVC doors, from repairs to replacement of mechanisms through to the installation of new uPVC doors.

We start with a FREE, no obligation survey within our normal working area. We will make you aware of any problems or give you peace of mind that all is well.

uPVC doors

Modern uPVC doors give few problems and many are attractive, energy efficient and have low maintenance and good security.

However, over time and through constant use, uPVC doors can succumb to a multitude of faults which, if not serviced regularly, can lead to very expensive repairs or, worst-case scenario, complete replacement.

What are the failure signs to look out for and how can Heritage Locksmiths help?

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uPVC door failure signs

Listed below are the most common faults found with uPVC doors - if any of these relate to your uPVC doors get them looked at as soon as possible to prevent being locked in or out and to keep your home or business secure.

  • Loose and floppy uPVC door handles
  • uPVC door handle stiff to operate
  • uPVC door handle lifts up but key won't turn the lock
  • Key doesn't go in or turn smoothly
  • uPVC door drags on the bottom or side of the frame when closing
  • Push the uPVC door shut but it doesn't stay closed
  • When viewed from outside the top or bottom of the uPVC door can be pushed in even when locked


The cause of many problems with uPVC doors is, being heavier than most standard timber doors, there is more wear in the hinges which allows the doors to drop. Once the door has dropped the locking mechanism becomes misaligned and the lock becomes stiff. With long handles that give more leverage it is not apparent that the lock is being forced shut.


The handles start to wear as do the lock internals until SNAP, the part that the handle turns inside the lock breaks due to the brittle alloy used. The door is then LOCKED shut and impossible to open with either handle or key.


Most parts for these locks are not available, no matter what the age, and many have sealed cases and are not repairable. In addition, after about ten years most locks are discontinued. A different model can usually be fitted which is a specialist job. In extreme cases a new door will be required.

If your uPVC doors or windows show any of these signs call Heritage Locksmiths today on 01483 747475.

Professional uPVC door repair

All uPVC doors need to be professionally serviced to realign the hinges, service the lock gearbox and locking mechanism and adjust or refix the frame components.

Heritage Locksmiths offers the following services for uPVC doors:

Our professional uPVC door maintenance service begins with a FREE survey and advice.

  • uPVC door survey and advice - FREE
  • Removal of lock, make adjustments and small repairs - £65 plus small parts
  • Replacement of the lock - remove lock, measure and identify lock, lubricate and make running repair, refit lock and test, return on second visit to remove and replace locking unit, check and adjust hinges and test - from £190
  • New uPVC door handles - from £35
  • New uPVC letterbox - from £25
  • New cylinder - from £30
  • Additional keys - £4
  • Clean and polish uPVC door - £30
  • Annual uPVC door lock service £40 plus small parts
  • Lost keys and cylinder change - £95
  • Opening locked door where key is inside or lost with no other faults - £65 plus new cylinder
  • Opening jammed and faulty uPVC door lock - from £190 inc lock
  • New uPVC doors, windows and frames can also be professionally installed subject to survey

Contact Heritage Locksmiths today to get the right advice on 01483 747475.

Heritage Locksmiths' uPVC door lock maintenance service

As well as our professional FREE survey and advice for uPVC doors, Heritage Locksmiths can install new doors and windows.

We offer a full service programme for all your uPVC doors, from repairs to replacement of mechanisms through to the installation of new uPVC doors.

We start with a FREE, no obligation survey within our normal working area and we will make you aware of any problems or give you peace of mind that all is well.

If your uPVC door does need some attention we will give you an idea of costs and what may be required - still at no cost at this stage.

If work is required and agreed, we will arrange a time to carry out the work - we may even be able to complete the work at the time of the first visit.

If the lock needs to be replaced the lock will be taken off the door and measured to see if a like-for-like replacement is available. The lock will be lubricated or adjusted as a temporary repair then refitted and checked for best operation. A new lock will be ordered and a second visit will be required to fit your new lock and to adjust the hinges and frame as required to complete the work.

If you'd like to change the colour of your uPVC door furniture, eg brass to chrome, or just give your uPVC door a spruce up, we can also discuss this option as well.

We also recommend all uPVC doors receive an annual check to make sure everything is working as it should and to ensure a longer working life.

uPVC Lock Manufacturer Agent

Heritage Locksmiths are agents for the following uPVC door lock manufacturers:

AGB, AZBE, Coldseal, ERA, Everest, Fab & Fix, Ferco, Fuhr, Fullex, Gridlock, GU, KFV, Lockmaster, Paddock, Maco, Mila, Millenco, Roto, Securistyle, Scope, Sobinco, Technal, Ucem, Union, Vitawin, Weru, Wilka, Winkhaus, Yale.

General Information

We hope that this information helps you make an educated decision to look after your uPVC front and rear doors. We find it almost as much of a headache as our customers do to stand out in the freezing cold or scorching sun trying to work out which bit has broken.

Over the years we have fitted wood doors along with locks and handles and we have always moved with the times to ensure our customers have the very best of what is available. With energy efficiency, style and security all featuring high on most of our agendas we have increased the ranges of products that we can supply.

If you are considering installing new uPVC, timber or aluminium doors, windows or conservatories our installers have had years of experience and we are sure that we can help you find the right designs that complement your home. We are honest about helping you choose the right product for your house - if we don't think a conservatory or bi-folding doors will suite your house, we will tell you.

Heritage Locksmiths

Heritage Locksmiths has been affiliated to the Master Locksmiths Association since 1978 and as such we are regulated by the MLA to give an expert locksmith service. We have attended many specialist courses to ensure that we are up to date with current designs.

We do not call house to house - we work mainly by word of mouth and we have many satisfied customers that would recommend our products.